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Running out of space to store your extra things? Bolivar Self Storage offers a convenient option at affordable rates located at 1300 E. Wollard.
Located in Bolivar, MO in the heavily traveled area between Walmart and Aldi; The Vineyard is the premier destination for retail.

The Vineyard


Pinecones are complicated. They've got lots of little pieces, there are hundreds of different types, and they can even get sticky. But if you give them the right circumstances, fertile soil, and some care, they have the potential to become something much greater.

At Pinecone Holdings, our projects are like pinecones. They may be complicated, they have lots of little pieces, they come in all shapes and sizes, and there's bound to be a sticky situation or two. But with our management team, they too will become something great.

A Family Company

With Deep Roots.

Founded by local businessman Thane Kifer, Pinecone Holdings has a deep history in the Missouri Ozarks. After six generations of Kifers living in Polk County with a farming heritage, Pinecone Holdings seeks to continue the history of developing the land in all aspects- agricultural, residential, and commercial.

Why Pinecone? As a family owned and operated business, Pinecone Holdings leverages an even deeper element of the family history as Kifer is based on the German word for Pine tree.

Kifer Cattle Company

Plans are currently underway to develop new enterprises in downtown Springfield, MO. Stay tuned...

Pinecone Holdings

Drew Kifer, Managing Director

Guests visiting the popular upstate New York spa and horse racing destination enjoy the warm hospitality that only a Best Western Plus can provide. 
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Downtown Springfield, MO

Thane Kifer, Founder and CEO

Bolivar's newest and most well-appointed hotel is ready to host your next stay in Polk County. 
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Best Western Plus MidAmerica Hotel

With roots dating from the early 1900's, Kifer Cattle Company has a history of raising top quality Missouri beef.

Best Western Plus Bolivar Hotel & Suites

A division of Pinecone Holdings, Pinecone Construction Commercial General Contractors specialize in commercial new builds and infill. 

Our Current Pinecones:

Located adjacent to the MidAmerica St. Louis Airport, the Best Western Plus MidAmerica Hotel is the best choice for travelers in the St. Clair County Illinois region. Click Here to book.